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Delivery and Installation

Deliveries Requiring  Lifting Equipment

If lifting equipment of any kind is required, this is the responsibility of the customer to organise a suitable crane or lifting equipment.  When the tub is being lifted the responsibility for safety and any damage which occurs to the tub or property is the responsibility of the crane or lift operator. If a hot tub ever needs to be lifted out of position by crane or Hiab for any reason, including repairs and maintenance, this is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and cover costs.

Site Selection and Preparation

When purchasing a new hot tub you will need to consider:

•Access dimensions (varies between models)

•Electrical requirements (varies between models)

•Level ground (firm area)

•Sufficient space

If you need any help or advice do not hesitate to call the Cumbria Hot Tubs team on 01229 317404.

IMPORTANT: Site selection and preparation are your responsibility. Carefully read these instructions and contact us if you have any questions.


Cumbria Hot Tubs must be informed if there is an existing hot tub in the delivery location that will need to be moved to allow access. This will incur an extra charge.  Also any cabling from existing hot tubs must be as per Cumbria Hot Tubs specifications. If we are not informed that we will have to move a tub, or that incorrect cable is in place, remedying this will incur extra costs.

Location of hot tub

Whether you’ve chosen to have your hot tub indoors or outdoors, on a patio or on a deck just make sure you check the following:

• Locate your equipment compartment, which houses all of the electrical components, in a place where water will drain away from it. Allowing water into the equipment compartment can damage the electronics, or may result in tripping your house’s circuit breaker or RCD.

• Leave yourself easy access to all circuit breakers and RCD’s.

Access is required around the hot tub for any future maintenance, ideally 500mm (20inches). If this is not practical, then the area should be of sufficient size so that the hot tub can be moved (chargeable) when empty of water for access. The front (below keypad) will need to be accessed for routine maintenance.

Outdoor and Patio Installation

No matter where you install your new spa, it’s important that you have a solid foundation to support it. Structural  damage to the spa resulting from incorrect installation or placement on an inadequate foundation is not covered under the spa’s limited warranty.

Cumbria Hot Tubs will not fully install a Spa on a sub-standard temporary surface. Any subsequent visits, due to not following pre-advised preparation work, will be chargeable.

The Base

Wherever you decide to install your hot tub, it is essential that a solid foundation is provided. Grass is not suitable. Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to provide a suitable base that is flat, level and hard to prevent distortion from occurring. Any structural damage caused by improper base or base failure may damage the hot tub and invalidate manufacturer’s warranty. An ideal base would be concrete 4 – 6 inches (100 – 150mm) thick. However, existing patio slabs and block paving may be utilized but must be flat, level and on a satisfactory sub base. Wooden decking is also a popular base. However, all bases must be able to take the weight of the hot tub plus the water and occupants. No form levelling by means of “packers” is acceptable. Bases must be prepared in plenty of time prior to delivery, thus allowing time for concrete to fully cure. The spa can not be located on grass even if level as overtime it is likely to subside and grass and mud will continually be a problem.


To be certain your deck can support your spa, you must know the deck’s maximum load capacity. Consult a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before you place the spa on an elevated deck or indoors. To find the weight of your spa, its contents and occupants, please contact us. This weight per square foot must not exceed the structure’s rated capacity, or serious structural damage could result.

Decking (cont)

If you intend install a tub and surround it with decking, please bear in mind that you will need to install access panels to allow access to the sides of the tub for maintenance and any remedial repairs that may be required in years to come. These access panels should be large enough to allow an engineer access to the side panels of the tub and should allow enough  room for the engineer to remove the screws in the side panel. This is also the requirement for tubs that are sunken into a pit or are indoors.



If you have your tub surrounded by decking that needs to be removed before work (either warranty work or otherwise) can be carried out, this must be removed by yourself prior to our engineer arriving at your property as we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your decking or tub surround when it is removed for repair or maintenance purposes

Bear in mind also that decking will vibrate and can have the effect of amplifying the sound from the pumps with its vibration.


01229 317404


First, obtain the dimensions of the hot tub you have ordered from us. You will need to consider the Spa will be delivered on its side on a special hot tub trolley system or spa sledge.

The minimum width of a pathway that is needed is the depth of the hot tub ordered plus 8” (20cm) to enable us to deliver a tub on its side without damage to either the property or to the tub.


Check the widths & heights of doorways, passages and gates to make sure the hot tub (and cart) can pass through. Gates, fences and doors may need to be removed (prior to delivery). Make sure that there is nothing protruding such as drainage pipes or sills that could obstruct the way. Check to see if there are any low roofs or branches that would hinder vertical clearance. If there are any corners on the path to your designated installation site, check to see the hot tub will pass. The route to where the hot tub is to be sited should be flat and level and not soft ground. Check and inform us if there are any slopes, retaining walls, steps or level differences that may cause problems. Any extra resources required would be charged extra. If access is via a neighbour’s property, you must seek permission. Our installers will not proceed without your written assurance that permission has been gained by you.

Hot Tub Cart

Most hot tubs (over 2m) are delivered on their sides on a specially made hot tub cart. You must therefore make sure the access is big enough for the hot tub and the cart. Please bear in mind the height of the hot tub on its side will increase slightly when on the cart by approximately 6 – 8 inches (150 – 200mm).


Any obstructions will have to be removed to allow access

Also you must consider that the trolley is not flexible and will need a wide turning area to negotiate any corners.

Steps can also be an issue as hot tubs are heavy bulky items that can be very difficult to transport up steps. Any steps or anything else that could be an obstacle to delivery, please let us know in advance.

Extra assistance by several fit, able bodied people will be needed in the event of needing to get a hot tub up several steps.


Under special circumstances, where there is no clear or easy route, a crane may be used to position your hot tub. Please contact us to discuss this if you think it may be necessary. Please note that the cost of the crane would be charged extra and this is the responsibility of the customer.


Please be advised that return visits due to non-preparation of base, poor access, unsuitable ground or obstacles, unsuitable electrical/water supply, etc are chargeable at the Company’s hourly rate. We supply two people to install the hot tub on the hot tub cart. They will NOT remove the hot tub from the cart until the hot tub is at the Base. If access is difficult, extra assistance by able bodied people will be required, which you will have to organize prior to the delivery.

Indoor Installation

Be aware of some special requirements if you place your spa indoors. Water will accumulate around the spa, so flooring materials must provide a good grip when wet. Proper drainage is essential to prevent a build-up of water around the spa. When building a new room for the spa, it is recommended that a floor drain be installed.

The humidity will naturally increase with the spa installed. Water may get into woodwork and produce dry-rot, mildew, or other problems. Check for airborne moisture’s effects on exposed wood, paper, etc. in the room. To minimise these effects, it is best to provide plenty of ventilation to the spa area. An architect can help to determine if more ventilation must be installed.

Electrical Information

Any electrical supply for a hot tub outdoors should be installed by a competent, certified electrician.

All works must be certificated to part P of the building regs. Electrical installation work should always conform to BS:7671:2018 Wiring Regulations and any amendments in place at time of installation.

Electrical requirements

Most, if not all domestic hot tubs are designed for single phase 230v ac operation

We will tell you the total load the hot tub will draw at full operation. Your certified electrician will then be able to work out what size of cabling is required. Even the smallest hot tub would usually require at least a 13 or 16 amp supply. Bigger hot tubs, with 2 pumps or more, generally require a 32 amp supply but this is a guide only.

ALL outside electrical supplies must have mechanical protection, this is either in the form of steel wire armoured cable (SWA) or suitable conduit.

Depending on the wider environment of where your hot tub is being installed, the electrical installation may require an earthing plate or an earthing rod to be installed. Your electrician will be able to advise you on this subject.

A rotary isolator switch, between 2 to 3 meters to the hot tub, is required so that the hot tub can be isolated from the main supply quickly and efficiently.

We generally ask for an 8m coil of cable to be left immediately next to the Hot Tub base so that we have enough to wire it in whichever final position the customer chooses.

32 AMP Requirements

These models require a 32-amp supply on 6mm SWA cable with RCD protection (cable sizes may be different depending on the length of cable run between the consumer unit and commando socket). A commando socket with local isolation is required between 2 meters and 3 metres of the spa, complete with ‘male’ plug and 8 metres of 6mm SY flex with UV protection or 6mm H07-RNF). The flex is hard-wired to the spa by our engineers, then simply plugged in to complete. This needs to be done by a qualified electrician in line with the most recent regulations.

The hot tub MUST have its own dedicated circuit with correct size fuse breaker and RCD protection. See tub specifics for further details.

* The commando socket supply DOES NOT require your electrician present on installation. However, a 32 amp ‘hard-wired’ supply WILL REQUIRE YOUR ELECTRICIAN PRESENT ON INSTALLATION along with wire and materials to complete the wiring connection.

A new RCD circuit breaker must be used for your spa installation. Do not use an existing breaker, as its condition is unknown. The spa must be connected to a dedicated RCD breaker that is not shared with any other equipment. Do not use an extension or plug type cords of any kind.

The hot tub does not come with a 32 amp plug and SY flex or H07RNF so please make sure this is supplied by your electrician.

13 AMP Requirements

If you have purchased one of our 13Amp (plug and play) rated hot tubs, you will need to install an ip65 waterproof RCD protected socket 2 – 3 meters away from the spa. All work must be caried out to the most recent regulations.

Commercial/Holiday park hot tubs

We, the company, will not be held liable or responsible for any loss of income due to non-function of any hot tub supplied by Cumbria Hot Tubs that is used in a commercial setting such as a holiday let or self-catered property. Any manufacturers faults on a tub supplied by Cumbria Hot Tubs, we aim to rectify within 10 working days of the issue being reported. This however cannot be guaranteed.


It is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of any wrapping plastic, cardboard and pallets that come with the hot tub once the installation is completed.

Caring for your hot tub

It is advised that you remove the headrests from your hot tub whenever it is not in use. This is to prolong the life of the headrest as overtime hot tub chemicals will cause corrosion.

Your filter should be checked approximately every two weeks. If there is dirt, grime, leaves etc, the filter should be washed down with a hosepipe. If the filter has oily residue due to fake tan, make up or anything else, it is highly advised that filter is cleaned using a filter cleaning product. This can be purchased from Cumbria Hot Tubs. Please contact us on 01229 317404 if you have any questions.

Foam in the water of your hot tub is usually caused by bodywash, conditioner, shampoo, clothing detergent etc that has been introduced to the water by the bather. This can easily be remedied by applying a hot tub foam removing product. Again, these can be purchased at Cumbria Hot Tubs.

We strongly advise having a shower before entering your hot tub. This is in order to remove make-up, fake tan, shampoo, conditioner etc. It is also advisable to shower after use also. This will clean any sanitiser from the skin.

When changing water ALWAYS fill the hot tub where the filter is, this helps the spa to purge the air out of the pipe work. If this is not done, when the spa is turned on this could burnout the heater element.