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Easy Care Guide

Simple Setup

Now that our people have left the tub in your hands, there are a few steps that come once the tub had been filled at least a couple of inches above the filter:

1- Turn off and remove the hosepipe from the tub
2- Turn on the power to the tub
3- Close the second half of the lid over the tub
4- Relax! Tomorrow your tub will be hot and ready to enjoy!


There are four labelled buttons on the control panel and a power-controlling dial:

Jets – Toggles the pump to its higher speed, turns off after 10 minutes

Light – Toggles the water light, each toggle changes lighting modes.

Cool – Decreases the desired water temperature by 1 degrees

Warm – Increases the desired water temperature by 1 degrees

The number displayed on the small screen is the current water temperature, pressing warm or cool will change this number to display your desired water temperature. Take care when using these buttons, as too much button pressing can put the hot tub into eco mode which will not heat up the water enough.

Tub Treatment

Along with this guide you have been left chemicals labelled: ‘Chlorine’

Starting tomorrow, 15 minutes before the tub is used that day, try to get an accumulative idea of how many hours use the tub has had, then apply the chemicals accordingly:

1-2 Hour Use

1 teaspoon of chemical

2-3 Hour Use

2 teaspoons of chemical

3+ Hour Use

Maximum 3 teaspoons of chemical

That’s it!

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